Leadership Transitions

As long-term leaders leave their executive roles, organizations seek equitable leadership transition strategies.

Transitions in the top leadership of nonprofit organizations can be times of crisis or opportunity. Intergenerational and racial dynamics inevitably impact leadership turnovers.

As more Baby Boomers consider leaving long-term jobs and even organizations they founded, other long-term leaders will look for new ways to contribute while making space for new leadership.

These resources provide information on how to facilitate just and equitable leadership transitions to better serve your organization and mission.

The Long Goodbye: Advice, How-Tos and Cautionary Tales for Extended Leadership Exits

This report helps organizations and their leaders take practical steps to reflect on assumptions, motives, and needs to create workable solutions for managing an extended leadership transition.

New Roles, Few Rules: Planning for Purpose Beyond Position

New Roles, Few Rules tells a vivid story about transitions of long-term nonprofit executive leaders who built, and often founded, their organizations.

The Leadership in Leaving

This report highlights the leadership in leaving as an often-neglected aspect of a nonprofit leader’s role, key in understanding and successfully completing the exit process.

The New Lifecycle of Work: Long-Term Nonprofit Leaders Prepare for their Future

These findings from a 2012 online survey of long-term nonprofit leaders found exiting leaders want new ways to continue meaningful work in positions that offer more flexibility and less responsibility.

Leadership Development and Leadership Change

This is a report on how a group of social justice organizations link leadership development to executive leadership transitions, paying particular attention to race, class, gender, and age.

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