Tap into Building Movement Project’s work from another angle.

For the last two decades, the BMP team has observed and analyzed the course of nonprofit social movement and leadership trends. BMP ignites nonprofits’ potential to have an impact in advancing movements for progressive social change, and focuses that potential into tangible action.

Listening and Learning

Through surveys, focus groups, interviews and convenings, we explore ways organizations can shift their focus to transforming the structures and systems causing inequality and injustice.

Leading and Influencing

BMP advances ideas that matter. We bring a critical, values-based, and inclusive perspective to shape ideas and practices in the nonprofit sector.

Consulting and Training

BMP supports nonprofits, philanthropy, and networks in order to align their practices with their values and to better address issues facing their communities.

We are happy to share our knowledge in several ways. Read our blog or come see us at an upcoming speaking engagement.

If your organization seeks more customized, hands-on support, Building Movement Project conducts keynotes, workshops, presentations, and also offers consulting services for nonprofit organizations.

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