Movement Building in Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations are more powerful when they work together to tackle problems.

When nonprofit organizations use organizing principles to work together, their power multiplies. Building Movement Project observes and documents the unique and integral roles nonprofits play in building social movements, sharing their success stories and best practices, as well as pitfalls to avoid. Check out these resources on how nonprofits can build movements and create larger change.

The Respect ABQ Women Campaign: Winning through Vision Strategy and Relationships

The Respect ABQ Women campaign sent shock waves through the reproductive rights community with its resounding defeat of a ballot initiative banning late-term abortion in Albuquerque. When anti-abortion groups filed […]

Alliances for Change: Organizing for the 21st Century

The election of President Obama with his history and identification as a community organizer sent a message of hope and possibility to the community organizing world. For decades, community organizing […]

Keeping Students First: Building Community Labor Partnerships for Strong Schools

This report explores what happened in two cities—St. Paul, Minnesota and Austin, Texas—where unions have established partnerships reminiscent of the alignment between labor and community groups in Chicago in 2012. […]

Framework of Cross Movement Approaches

This framework offers a means of categorizing various approaches to cross-movement work.


Despite racial and economic progress in the Unites States, Black communities continue to endure disproportionate levels of inequality and injustice. The status of Black workers and their ability to address […]

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