Social Change Ecosystem Map

In our lives and as part of organizations, workplaces, and movements, many of us play different roles in pursuit of equity, shared liberation, inclusion, and justice. And yet, we often get overwhelmed, lost, and burned out. Some of us are newcomers to ongoing social change efforts and don’t know where to start. Still others are catalyzed into action in the midst of a crisis in our community.

The Social Change Ecosystem Map is a framework that can help individuals, networks, and organizations align with social change values, individual roles, and the broader ecosystem. It has two components: shared values embodied in the yellow circle in the middle; ten roles that people and organizations often show up in when they are participating in social change efforts. These are premised on an ecosystem concept, that we are more effective and more sustainable in our social change work when we build connections with others.

 The framework has become a tool used by people and organizations, particularly during a time of unprecedented challenges, from the global pandemic to the 2020 uprisings to climate disasters, to find ways to engage in social change efforts more effectively, collaboratively, and sustainably.

Social Change Now Cover

The Social Change Ecosystem framework was created by Deepa Iyer, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives at Building Movement Project. Deepa first developed the map in 2017, and in 2022, she released Social Change Now: A Guide for Reflection and Connection, a workbook which provides a deeper dive into the framework. You can find ways to purchase the workbook and to get involved at

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Step 1: Read our Introduction and Reflection Worksheet to the social change ecosystem framework here.

Step 2: Explore additional resources including our book launch webinar (November 2022), Instagram Live series (2021), and a hub for information about the social change map here.

Step 3: Read and explore Deepa’s workbook, Social Change Now: A Guide for Reflection and Connection (2022), which provides a deeper dive into the framework. Find ways to purchase it and to get involved here.

Step 4. Interested in a workshop or training about the framework? Learn more about our offerings here and fill out this contact form to connect with us.

Learn more about the social change ecosystem map on our YouTube here.

Interested in trainings/workshops on the social change ecosystem map? Learn more about our offerings here and fill out this contact form to connect with the SolidarityIs team.

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