Movement Building

By harnessing the power of collaboration, nonprofits can increase their impact and sustain meaningful change in their communities.

Across the country and around the world, people engage in social movements every single day to create change in their communities. Building Movement Project seeks to support organizations and people through trainings, tools, and resources. Our movement building work focuses on three main areas:

  • Supporting community organizers in Detroit who advocate around issues of land, food, transit, jobs, governance, poverty, and inequality to ensure a just future for all Detroiters;
  • Collaborating with Solidarity Is, a project helmed by Deepa Iyer, which provides narratives, resources, and trainings for organizations and people utilizing an equity, justice, and solidarity framework; and
  • Providing trainings for philanthropy and organizations interested in building their capacity to support and participate in social change movements.

If your organization seeks more customized, hands-on support, Building Movement Project conducts keynotes, workshops, presentations, and also offers consulting services for nonprofit organizations.

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