5% Shifts

5% shifts get big results without completely reinventing the organization.

Service providers are on the front lines of national struggles with the effects of poverty and inequity.

However, meeting continually rising demands for services is not enough to change conditions in communities. As a result, more service organizations are evolving to meet individual needs while addressing the larger systems that create those needs. Learn more about our 5% shifts series to see how organizations are making small changes to address a broader range of issues.

Building Community from the Inside Out: A Series of 5% Shifts

This report includes case studies of community building efforts by two nonprofit organizations in Detroit and New York City. The two cases focus on staff and clients, with possible adaptation for volunteers and boards.

Developing The Leadership of Recipients: A Series of 5% Shifts

Structural inequities restrict development and leadership opportunities for people in need of formal supportive services. This report includes two case studies of leadership development efforts by nonprofit organizations.

Asking Powerful Questions: A Series of 5% Shifts

Questions reveal new opportunities, and build stronger foundation, for relationships. This report profiles two organizations that began asking new and powerful questions in their work with clients and volunteers.

Advancing Community Level Impact: A Series of 5% Shifts

This report examines how two organizations developed and executed strategies to advance their commitment to bridge the service-organizing divide by thinking beyond individual needs to address problems at a community level.

Crossing Organizational Boundaries to Build New Partnerships: A Series of 5% Shifts

This report explores partnerships in two different parts of the country facing similar social and economic struggles: Detroit and Albuquerque.

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