Solidarity Is

Welcome to Solidarity Is, a project that generates tools, trainings, and narratives to facilitate transformative solidarity practices for movement building organizations and activists who are invested in meaningful social change.

Solidarity Is is coordinated by Deepa Iyer, a South Asian American lawyer, facilitator and writer, and is hosted at Building Movement Project.

The project is called Solidarity Is to reflect that solidarity is a verb, a practice, and an action that we do time and again, over and over, in order to build shared connections and power. Think of Solidarity Is as a builder, a storyteller, and a connector, as reflected in the image below.

We build the capacity of organizations and individuals to articulate their solidarity values and engage in solidarity practices through workshops, trainings, facilitation, and a Solidarity School. Through a podcast called Solidarity Is This, social media conversations, and blog posts, we share stories and examples of how people and organizations are engaging in solidarity around the world. And, Solidarity Is serves as a connector to bring social change leaders together to deepen their relationships and hone their strategies for solidarity practice.

How can you be part of Solidarity Is, and how can Solidarity Is strengthen your social change work?

  1. Contact us for workshops, trainings, and facilitation around solidarity frameworks and practices (request here)
  2. Apply to be part of the 2020 Solidarity School (applications available in the spring of 2020)
  3. Listen to and learn from the Solidarity Is This podcast which features people experimenting with solidarity practice to change inequitable conditions in their communities (subscribe here).
  4. Share your own Solidarity Story - an example, model, or experiment - of how you, your organization, school, or agency are practicing solidarity in order to bring about mutual understanding with other communities and to build power, equity, and justice. Stories could be shared on the Solidarity Is This podcast and website (share here).
  5. Follow @solidarity_is on Twitter, find us at, and contact Deepa ( for further information.

Solidarity Semester Fall 2020: Resources

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