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A Really Tough Job: Nonprofit CEOs Work to Make Their Roles More Manageable

By Ben Gose | May 7, 2024 | The Chronicle of Philanthropy This article highlights the importance of finding balance and ensuring mental well-being for nonprofit CEOs to sustain their […]

New report explores how ‘pushing’ people of color into leadership at nonprofits can have negative effects

Host: Rose Scott | April 29, 2024 | A Closer Look on WABE Radio On this edition of “Closer Look,” show host Rose Scott talks with Frances Kunreuther and Sean Thomas-Breitfeld, […]
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Gaza cease-fire resolutions roil U.S. local communities

By Jim Zarroli | April 18, 2024 | NPR Cities and towns across the United States, numbering well over 100, have passed resolutions advocating for a cease-fire between Gaza and […]
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Gathering Ground Episode 53: The Push and Pull with Race to Lead

Host: Mary Morten | April 11, 2024 | Gathering Ground Podcast On this episode of the Gathering Ground podcast, BMP’s co-executive directors, Sean Thomas Breitfeld and Frances Kunreuther sat down […]
Ceasefire resolutions are building organizing power throughout the US

Ceasefire resolutions are building organizing power throughout the U.S.

By Michael Arria | March 22, 2024 | Mondoweiss Ceasefire resolutions are building solidarity and organizing power across the United States. It highlights the ceasefire tracker developed by Building Movement […]
We Need Movement Infrastructure Nonprofit Quarterly

We Need Movement Infrastructure

By Ahmad Abuznaid, Deepa Iyer and Darakshan Raja | March 21, 2024 | Nonprofit Quarterly In Nonprofit Quarterly, Ahmad Abuznaid, Darakshan Raja and BMP’s Deepa Iyer share recommendations to strengthen […]
Pushed Into Leadership, Hung Out to Dry by Cyndi Suarez

Pushed Into Leadership, Hung Out to Dry

by Cyndi Suarez | Nonprofit Quarterly | March 26, 2024 This article summarizes two reports from the Building Movement Project (BMP) on leadership in the nonprofit sector: The Push and Pull: […]
Why is leadership aspiration down among BIPOC nonprofit staff

Why is leadership aspiration down among BIPOC nonprofit staff?

by Sean Thomas-Breitfeld and Frances Kunreuther | Candid. | March 11, 2024 Thank you, Candid, for highlighting BMP’s recent report – The Push and Pull: Declining Interest in Nonprofit Leadership. […]

Fewer People Want to Lead Nonprofits. What’s the Answer?

by Sean Thomas-Breitfeld and Frances Kunreuther | The Chronicle of Philanthropy | January 26, 2024 In this opinion piece by BMP’s Co-Executive Directors, Sean and Frances, they explore our latest […]

With Crisis Comes Change: Black Women and the Glass Cliff

January 17, 2024 | Dorothy Johnson Center for Philanthropy by Aimée Laramore, with research contributions from Crisol Beliz First published in the 11 Trends in Philanthropy for 2024 report, this […]

The New Abnormal Podcast – Deepa Iyer

November 14, 2023 | The Daily Beast Deepa Iyer of the Building Movement Project joined the The New Abnormal podcast to share how envisioning social movements as entire ecosystems can […]

Building Power in the Midst of Crisis in Texas Asian American Communities and Beyond

by UyenThi Tran Myhre and Lily Trieu | October 30, 2023 | The Forge To support organizations addressing a wide range of AAPI communities’ needs in Texas and beyond, BMP’s […]

No Longer Lonely at the Top: A Growing Number of Nonprofits Hire Co-CEOs

by Ben Gose | October 19, 2023 | Chronicle of Philanthropy Our Co-Executive Director, Frances Kunreuther, spoke with the Chronicle of Philanthropy about BMP’s shared leadership model as one way to address […]

“Worthy of Its Own Focus.” Inside a Funder Cohort Dedicated to Developing Community Leaders

by Mike Scutari | October 11, 2023 | Inside Philanthropy This Inside Philanthropy article explores the work of the Leadership Funders Group (convened and facilitated by BMP) which supports and […]

Providing BIPOC leaders a “Brilliant Transformation” into leadership roles

by Ailun Ku and Lisa Pilar Cowan | New York Nonprofit Media | September 9, 2023 This piece shares reflections for outgoing leaders, board members, funders, search firms, and staff […]

What Infrastructure Supports Do Mutual Aid Groups and Social Movements Need to Succeed?

by Hannah Martin | Urban Institute | September 6, 2023 When our Urban Institute and George Mason University team defined the social sector and determined what types of infrastructure it […]

Supporting Executive Leaders of Color: A Conversation with Sean Thomas-Breitfeld

Hosted by Dr. Joanna Shoffner Scott with guest Sean Thomas-Breitfeld | Race in the Workplace | August 8, 2023 On the Season 2 finale episode of Race in the Workplace, […]

The Retreat of Nonprofits’ Influence on Systems & Policy Webinar – Independent Sector

Hosted by Independent Sector | July 26, 2023 Watch this Independent Sector webinar to learn the surprising findings of this benchmark research. Our Race Equity Assessment Director, Mercedes Brown, gave […]

Honoring and Supporting Women of Color Leaders

by Gail Christopher & Deepa Iyer | Stanford Social Innovation Review | April 4, 2023 “The social sector must recognize the full humanity, gifts, and genius of women of color […]

How (Not) to Dismantle White Supremacy

by Sendolo Diaminah, Scot Nakagawa, Sean Thomas-Breitfeld, Rinku Sen, and Lori Villarosa | The Forge | April 20, 2023 Is the fixation on naming “white supremacy culture” overtaking the fight […]

Paving a Better Way: What’s Driving Progressive Organizations Apart and How to Win by Coming Together

by Rebecca Epstein and Mistinguette Smith | NPQ | May 15, 2023 Adding to the critical conversation sparked by Maurice Mitchell’s article on addressing conflict in progressive organizations, this article […]
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