Race Equity Assessment 

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What is BB4C?

BB4C is an assessment tool created by the Building Movement Project to help nonprofit organizations develop the foundational capacities needed to foster more race equity in their workplaces.

Rather than auditing an organization’s policies, processes, and procedures, BB4C assesses staff experiences through the lens of four key Capacities—Learning, Leadership, Conversation, and Voice—that are fundamental for organizations engaging in race equity efforts. The assessment process aims to deepen nonprofit organizations' understanding of the changes necessary to become more inclusive and racially equitable.


Through Building Movement Project’s Race to Lead research series, it is clear that nonprofit leaders are interested in addressing racial inequity across their organizations, but aren't sure where to begin. BB4C offers a solution to meet this growing need for a comprehensive, affordable, and anonymous race equity assessment tool to help nonprofit leaders understand their current race equity practices through the lens of the experiences of people at their organization. Equipped with invaluable insights, nonprofit teams and the consultants who serve them become better positioned to have important conversations, and engage in meaningful action to embed race equity into all facets of the organization

What you get

  • Anonymized staff-wide survey
  • Custom report with disaggregation where possible (race, position, ethnicity, etc.)
  • Robust digital resource library with materials to support organizations through the assessment process (example: sample meeting agendas, reflection worksheets, sample race equity action plan template, etc.) 
  • Technical assistance via BB4C help desk
  • Peer learning and community building opportunities
  • Regular process communications and updates

Learn more

Is your nonprofit organization interested in bringing BB4C to your workplace? Complete the inquiry form on the BB4C website to sign up and learn more about the assessment process.

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