Move The Money: Practices and Values
for Funding Social Movements

Building Movement Project (BMP) presents Move The Money: Practices and Values for Funding Social Movements, a set of resources geared towards grantmaking institutions eager to expand and deepen their support of organizations, networks, and leaders involved with social change movements. Move The Money consists of four videos and accompanying discussion guides with reflection questions that highlight the perspectives and experiences of movement leaders and funders, and builds on the wave of ongoing efforts that encourage the philanthropic sector to invest in movements.

  • STEP 1: Get started with the Introduction and User Guide.
  • STEP 2: Watch each of the four videos below.
  • STEP 3: Download the guides for reflection questions and action steps.
  • STEP 4: Let's #MoveTheMoney!

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Why Are Social Change Movements Important?

Philanthropy can play a critical role to resource the infrastructure, ecosystem building and sustainability of social movements. In this video, you’ll hear from movement leaders who break down the characteristics of movements and how they build collective power.

What is the Role of Philanthropy in Supporting Social Change Movements?

In this video, you’ll hear from funders and movement leaders about how to reshuffle power dynamics and change the culture of philanthropy in order to be in genuine relationship with social change movements.

What Do Movement Leaders Need From Philanthropy?

Movement leaders are managing multiple and overlapping crises – and they need more support. In this video, you’ll hear from movement leaders make the case for personal and organizational sustainability.

How Philanthropy Can Support Movement Leadership

Now that the case is clear for supporting movements and their leaders, what are the next steps? In this video, you’ll hear about practices, approaches, and experiments from funders to support social change movements.


BMP is grateful to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for supporting the Movement Leadership Learning Lab and the #MoveTheMoney series. We are inspired by and indebted to the participants in the Movement Leadership Learning Lab, and to the movement leaders and funders who engaged in the #MoveTheMoney dialogues including:

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