Keeping an Eye Out for Detours, While Staying on Track

Written by Caitlin Endyke We’ve written before about how much we try to integrate reading and learning into our work here at the Building Movement Project, as we try to stay abreast of current theories and trends in the nonprofit sector. Last month, Sean Thomas-Breitfeld wrote about a discussion on Neoliberalism and Marketization that we had with our staff and […]

Engaging Community: A Toolkit for Building Healthy and Resilient Communities

BMP partner Neighborhood Centers, in partnership with the Berkana Institute, have combined a how-to guide on the use of Appreciative Inquiry as a method of engaging community with other materials in a boxed kit called Engaging Community: A Toolkit for Building Healthy and Resilient Communities.  The guide includes: * 12 Key Principles DVD – A presentation by Margaret Wheatley on […]

Suggested Reading on the Commons: The Value of Nothing

The latest book in our suggested readings on the Commons is Raj Patel’s The Value of Nothing: How to reshape market society and redefine democracy. This short, timely and inspiring book reveals that our current crisis is not simply the result of too much of the wrong kind of economics. While we need to rethink our economic model, Patel […]

BMP’s Trish Tchume on Generational Leadership Panel hosted by American Express Philanthropy

The American Express Nonprofit Leadership Academy is a nationwide program that supports the development of the country’s finest emerging nonprofit leaders through a weeklong workshop and training program and will be concluding its program with this discussion. This engaging panel will focus on the generational gap between emerging and current nonprofit leaders and will examine the critical […]

Working Across Generations’ Featured on SavannahNow

The Business of Nonprofits: New generation taking up nonprofit leadership mantle by Sarah Todd, manager for the Georgia Center for Nonprofits, has featured Working Across Generations in a recent article that addresses inter-generational relationships within organizations.  Todd writes that: “Much has been written about how to approach the challenges of working across generational divides in organizations.  As the […]

Suggested Readings on the Commons

We’ve had many requests for a list of articles that we’ve found to be the most helpful when trying to get a grasp on what the commons (and commons-based thinking) is, as well as how it applies to nonprofits, social justice and social change.  Below is a list of our favorite resources so far.  We’ll […]

Tools for Social Change: Assessing Your Work

Assessing Your Work *Evaluation Work for Racial Equity: This toolkit offers a comprehensive set of resources for groups “Who want to know more about how to do evaluation; Who are working on changing their communities; and Who want to be certain that their evaluations take into account issues of racism, power, privilege, and oppression…” It […]

Tools for Social Change

This online resource center is a space to share and highlight practical tools that organizations can use to integrate movement-building and social change strategies into their everyday work.  Here you’ll find a growing collection of exercises, tools and civic engagement models that allow organizations to enter into this work at whichever point reflects their stage of development.  […]

Tools for Social Change: Additional Tools and Resources

Building Movement Project Resources * Social Service and Social Change: A Process Guide: A guidebook that was developed for staff and board members of non-profit service organizations who are interested in learning how to incorporate progressive social change values and practices into their work.  It uses a step-by-step process to identify how to address systemic problems […]

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