Working Across Generations’ Featured on SavannahNow


The Business of Nonprofits: New generation taking up nonprofit leadership mantle by Sarah Todd, manager for the Georgia Center for Nonprofits, has featured Working Across Generations in a recent article that addresses inter-generational relationships within organizations.  Todd writes that:

“Much has been written about how to approach the challenges of working across generational divides in organizations.  As the pace of retirement in nonprofit sector leadership will inevitably pick up, it’s important for nonprofits to take a look at this issue. They will be dealing with the need for cultivating new leadership from Gen X and Gen Y individuals.  To do so, they must bridge both communication barriers and mistrust between these groups and the older generation passing the torch.  A 2008 book, “Working Across Generations,” does a good job of examining the generational issues involved in preparing for the departure of seasoned leaders.”

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