Detroit People’s Platform, A Year Later

Written by Aaron Handelsman What does it mean when even after a last-minute venue change over 100 overworked community activists across seven city council districts turn out to an event committed to bringing about social change? I think it means a movement is building. Tuesday, June 12th marked the second annual meeting of the Detroit People’s Platform (PP). The […]

Penas for the Common Good

Written by Alicia Lueras Maldonado On Friday, May 2nd, over 25 nonprofit service providers, advocates and community organizers joined together in what was the first of a series of “peñas” to honor and celebrate our work, build relationships and have a deeper dialogue about the “common good.” The idea of “peñas” came out of a […]

Relationships Are (the) Work

Written by Sean Thomas-Breitfeld Lately, I’ve been thinking about relationships. Maybe it’s that my partner just proposed to me. Or maybe it was the time with our Project Team earlier this month working, laughing, and struggling together. Either way, it’s becoming clear how important relationships are in the social change sector. Relationship building was a […]

Talking Taxes

Written by Kim Klein Today is commonly known as “Tax Day” in the United States. I am a partner in a consulting firm and we pay “estimated” taxes, so I have just returned from mailing them off. “Estimated tax” is the amount of tax we will owe this year if we earn the same amount as last […]

Connecting Taxes to the Common Good

Written by Kim Klein This post originally appeared on the Bolder Advocacy Blog For at least the past 15 years, almost all nonprofits have experienced the effects of government funding cutbacks. Those organizations who were directly funded suffered immediately, but those who had no government funding found themselves competing with previously publicly supported institutions for the […]

Understanding Alignment and Scale through the New Bottom Line

Over the last few years, there’s been growing interest in – and analysis of – alliances. From the 2010 report by Manuel Pastor that Frances looked back at last week, to the current issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review, more and more thought leaders are exploring collaboration between organizations as a key strategy for movement building. […]

Alliances: Trust and Transformation

A few years ago, Manuel Pastor and his colleagues put out a report, Connecting at the Crossroads documenting the emergence and importance of alliances as a key movement building strategy.  Today, the interest in alliances has expanded, and we see more high-profile alliances being forged between organizations.   Looking back on this report, I’m struck that one of […]

Detroit: Not as “Abandoned” as it Seems

Written by Caitlin Endyke There are two opposing narratives about the estimated 78,000 buildings that stand vacant and abandoned in Detroit.  On one hand, the “ruins” stand as captivating relics from a better time – inspiring “ruin porn” tourism and documentaries.  On another hand, the urban blight serves as a visual example of how far Detroit has […]

Looking for Collective Stories in Black History Month

Written by Sean Thomas-Breitfeld This past week, an article about Black History Month by Theodore Johnson in The Atlantic really moved me. Johnson writes that our focus on historical icons makes this month of celebration too disconnected from people’s everyday experience. I share his concern on a personal level but as someone with a particular focus on […]

One Step Forward for Equality, But Long Road Ahead

Written by Caitlin Endyke Last summer, we released our report At the Crossroads: The Future of the LGBT Movement the same week that the Supreme Court struck down DOMA and Proposition 8. While we celebrated these momentous victories for the LGBT Movement, we also reminded folks of the long road ahead before LGBT Americans gain full equality.  […]

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