BMP 2013: A Year In Review


Written by Building Movement Project

2013 has been a big year for the Building Movement Project.

We welcomed Sean Thomas-Breitfeld as our new Co-Director at the start of the year, and are now saying “so long for now” to Caroline McAndrews after nearly a decade helping BMP grow.

We developed new research, reports and tools for change agents in organizations. We continued to deepen our expertise in service and social change with the 5% Shifts series, and branched out into supporting movements with our analysis of the future of the LGBT movement and its struggle for full, lived equality.

We revamped our website, started blogging, and saw our reach on social media grow dramatically – like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter if you haven’t already.

But in the midst of all that was new this year, we stayed connected to the work happening on the ground. We’ve always learned the most from our Project Team, people who work with grassroots organizations and do amazing work in communities around the country. This year we saw the work of long-term team member Linda Campbell, which started out supporting service agencies in Detroit, flourish into direct organizing and engagement with the city’s residents through the People’s Platform.

We’ve also started a new project in Albuquerque with team member Andrea Plaza, and look forward to discovering new ways to support alliances between service, organizing and advocacy groups.

So 2013 was a banner year where we ramped up our production, increased our capacity, and continued to unearth important lessons for our sector. With your support, we look forward to more great work in 2014. Please make an end-of-year donation to BMP to help us continue advancing the potential for nonprofit organizations to have an impact in building movements for progressive social change.

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