Webinar: Vision for Change, A New Wave of Social Justice Leadership


Over the course of several months, the Building Movement Project interviewed seventeen US social justice leaders under 40 who serve as the executive or co-director of an organization to learn more about the experiences of younger leaders committed to large-scale change. The executive directors we talked with are an impressive group – creative, thoughtful and speaking from their hearts. It was clear from the interviews that they are driven by their commitment to their organizations. They are executive directors in order to contribute to a larger movement for social change.

This webinar will explore the findings of Vision for Change, a report based on those interviews.  Author Helen S. Kim and Director of Research & Documentation Caroline McAndrews will detail what it takes for these leaders to do their jobs and what is needed to make concrete change that will support their visions and help to build a stronger progressive infrastructure for all stakeholders.  In addition, we’ll hear from individuals interviewed for the report to find out where they are at now, and how they address the challenges they face in their work.

This webinar will take place on May 16, from 1-2pm EST. Head to the registration page to RSVP.

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