Webinar Recap: Feedback Loops vs Constituent Engagement


Thank you to all of those who registered for and participated in BMP’s recent interactive webinar: “Feedback Loops vs Constituent Engagement.” It was a resounding success full of conversation and insights by BMP’s Co-Directors – Frances Kunreuther and Sean Thomas-Breitfield – independent consultants Judi Sherman and Leah Steimel, as well as Ana LaDou, Executive Director of the Alliance for Nonprofit Management. For those who were unable to attend the webinar and join the discussion on community and constituent engagement, a PDF of the PowerPoint slideshow can be found here.

The purpose of “Feedback Loops vs Constituent Engagement” was to outline the importance of constituent voice and community engagement, as well as to focus on how organizations and groups can work to bolster them. This included reviewing key assessment tools and introducing one of BMP’s most popular resources: the Nonprofits Integrating Community Engagement (NICE) Guide. As a joint project of the Alliance for Nonprofit Management and the Building Movement Project, the NICE Guide is filled with tools, information, case studies and other resources to help nonprofit groups develop core competencies on constituent and community engagement. The NICE Guide is designed for organizational development experts, member support organizations, and internal and external consultants to facilitate efforts to integrate the voice of community member and constituents into the daily practice on nonprofit organizations.

The webinar panelists sought to explain the purpose, structure, and application of the NICE Guide for organizations and individuals who were looking to align their values and principals with their service delivery. Following the introduction of the NICE Guide, the webinar delved into its five sections: “Readiness,” “Constituent Engagement,” “Partnering With Community,” “Coordination, Collaboration, Collective Impact,” and “Social and Systems Change.” As they focused on specific resources and examples within the guide, the panelists demonstrated how it can be applied to a variety of organizations and networks.

With over 100 effective tools, the NICE Guide is an organized and invaluable resource for engaging with communities, constituents, and participants, as well as solving large and complex problems.

To download the full NICE Guide click here. To download the PowerPoint presentation from the webinar click here.

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