Featured Tool: Root Cause Analysis

One essential shift that organizations make as they embrace a social change perspective is to begin examining the underlying systemic and structural issues that are really behind the reasons that clients come to organizations for help and support. Our Root Cause Analysis Tool is designed to spark discussion and reflection about making visible the often invisible sources […]

New Tools, Seeking Users

Launching anything on the ‘interwebs’ is a little bit like the riddle of whether a falling tree makes any noise: you never know if the work put in to crafting the research, video, slideshow, or whatever, will get any views, much less go “viral.” So it’s with a mix of trepidation and excitement that we […]

Praise for Service and Social Change Tools

The Building Movement Project relies on the feedback, guidance and encouragement of other practitioners in the nonprofit sector. We are so thankful for all of our friends who have supported and advised us in developing the resources on the new tools page. Here’s what some of our advisors had to say: “I love the 5% Shifts […]

Bettering Services, Saving Money

Written by Caitlin Endyke What happens when a conservative state reforms an entire social service program, with the goal of making it more cost-effective? Usually, you’d probably end up with a program that did little to better the lives of the people it served – or you’d have a group of nonprofit service agencies who’d […]

What Nonprofits Can Learn from Community Organizing

Written by Sean Thomas-Breitfeld Last week, I participated in a great panel on the lessons that nonprofits can learn from community organizing. The other panelists were Julia Watt-Rosenfeld, the Director of Community Organizing and Advocacy at Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation in Brooklyn, Prerana Reddy, the Director of Public Events at the Queens Museum of Art, Kady Ferguson, Brooklyn […]

The Crucial 5% Shift: Building Relationships

Written by Frances Kunreuther In 2013 we released five mini-reports on 5% Shifts for service groups to engage in social change. We were able to draw on the work of organizations – large and small – that are figuring out how to integrate activities that build the voice and power of their clients. These groups are looking […]

SNAP Cuts Hit Hard in New Mexico

Written by Caitlin Endyke In the lead up to, and during, the federal government shutdown late last year, we wrote a lot about how governmental cuts and shutdowns tend to affect America’s most vulnerable populations much more than they affect the proverbial middle class.  We used the delayed disbursement of SNAP and WIC benefits as one of […]

Catching On

Written by Sean Thomas-Breitfeld At BMP we have talked a lot – and for many years – about how service providers are the groups in the nonprofit sector with the greatest reach into low-income communities. They see the immediate problems facing their “clients” (or constituents, program participants, etc.), and they also know that structural barriers […]

Building Unlikely Partnerships to Create Change

A Series of 5% Shifts Written by Caroline McAndrews Most communities have a wide range of groups aimed at addressing the needs of community members; however, due to both the complicated structure of government services and the tendency to focus on one issue area, it can often be challenging for organizations to work together to […]

A Guaranteed Income for Everyone?

Written by Caitlin Endyke At Building Movement, we’ve been writing a lot recently about poverty in America and the importance of a strong social safety net. During the recent government shutdown, we turned our focus to those who would be affected most – folks who rely on government services for essentials like food and baby formula – and made […]

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