Tools for Social Change: Additional Tools and Resources

Building Movement Project Resources * Social Service and Social Change: A Process Guide: A guidebook that was developed for staff and board members of non-profit service organizations who are interested in learning how to incorporate progressive social change values and practices into their work.  It uses a step-by-step process to identify how to address systemic problems […]

Tools for Social Change: Examples and Stories of Social Change Work and Civic Engagement

Examples and Stories of Social Change Work and Civic Engagement * M.O.V.E. Coalition (Family & Children’s Service, Minneapolis, MN) * Community Leadership Development Program (Family & Children’s Service, Minneapolis, MN) * The Family Project (Family & Children’s Service, Minneapolis, MN) * Newcomer Connection – Capacity & Leadership Training Program (North York Community House, Toronto, ON) * Popular Theater (Somos Mayfair, San Jose, CA) * Community Action […]

Commons Blog from Kim Klein!

The commons is a short, simple phrase that describes all the resources a community has rights or access to. Read Kim Klein and the Commons to find out more about the issues facing the commons and how it can become a bigger part of our daily lives. Recent posts address how community gardening in Detroit has enabled neighborhoods […]

Citizen Engagement as a Force for Social Transformation

What does it mean to be an engaged citizen?  Paolo Friere, the great Brazilian educator, said that we have a vocation, a calling, to be fully human.  This is a good summary of engagement – I am citizen of the world – I have rights and responsibilities to myself and others.  As we see all […]

Nonprofits and Democracy: Engage, Educate, Activate, and Assess

There has been a subtle shift in the last several years in the ways we talk about nonprofit organizations. The nonprofit sector is discussed as an important cornerstone of civil society, a site for civic engagement, a place to build social capital, and a measure of a democratic society. The emphasis on the blurring of […]

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