Praise for Service and Social Change Tools


The Building Movement Project relies on the feedback, guidance and encouragement of other practitioners in the nonprofit sector. We are so thankful for all of our friends who have supported and advised us in developing the resources on the new tools page. Here’s what some of our advisors had to say:

“I love the 5% Shifts Reports. Taking the daunting task of shifting from social service to social change incrementally has great promise to make some significant changes down the road.  I appreciate Building Movement Project’s pushing our thinking about what’s possible.”

  — Marla Cornelius, CompassPoint

“As interest in organizing as a community building tool expands in practice among service providers, BMP tools give providers a resourceful entry point.  BMP provides thought provoking reports as well as implementation tools to begin to spur creativity of those in the field by those in the field.”

  — Katy Heins, Center for Community Change

“Building Movement Project’s new tools offer guidance and inspiration for organizations looking for ways to integrate a social change perspective within the footprint of their existing work. With these resources, BMP helps social service agencies see how they can foster justice while improving their services, without necessarily adopting radical, wholesale change. Building Movement Project’s commitment to process, transparency, and democratic inclusion can make the sometimes frightening endeavor of organizational change a rewarding and renewing (if not always comfortable) prospect for organizations coming to terms with the state of our world and their role within it.”

  — Melinda Lewis, Assets and Education Initiative at The University of Kansas

“BMP is a go-to resource in my work with social service organizations looking to achieve social change outcomes.”

  — Linda Nguyen, Alliance for Children and Families

“When I came to Building Movement Project, Linda Campbell taught me two things right away: in most communities, there’s already a ton of knowledge about how to create change within that community; and folks often need to be taken just a couple of steps into the process in order to start seeing and believing that change is possible. We started working on the Social Service and Social Change tool kit years ago with the intention of doing just that – tapping community knowledge and helping people start the process to see what’s possible. I’m beyond excited to see this incredible, practical resource for making change come to life.”

  — Trish Tchume, Young Nonprofit Professionals Network

“In my work with social change organizations helping them link their own organizational planning to strategic movement building, the Building Movement Project has been one of my key go-to places for smart, accessible, and useful tools to put into activists hands. The 5% shift series provides concrete examples and easy to implement practices to help organizations take their next step towards creating the change they seek. This work is hopeful, exciting, and just right for this movement moment.”

  — Beth Zemsky, Organizational Consultant and Trainer

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