Making Social Change Case Studies: Additional Web Resources


Resources available in PDF format and on the web:

Queens Community House

    * Visit their website
    * Identifying Values: a step by step exercise used during a community building retreat. 
    * Community Building Orientation: a section from the pages of the staff orientation guide.

Somos Mayfair

    * Visit their website
    * Social Movement Time-Line: presents the workshop discussion in which the organization’s staff and board draw upon the legacy of historical social movements to connect their work to the ongoing struggle for social justice.
    * Action Research: The focus of this participatory action research conducted by Somos’ grassroots leadership group, Madres Activas, was to identify community barriers to health, with a focus on the structural causes of diabetes.  Half of the participants of this group used photography (highlighted in this slideshow) to document and analyze community aspects of safe exercise while the other half surveyed elementary school parents about the quality of school lunches.  

Bread for the City

    * Visit their website
    * Beyond Bread: the organization’s blog that provides ongoing information and analysis on advocacy related issues and campaigns.
    * Community Lawyering:  additional information on this innovative strategy for putting legal skills in the service of community led change. **COMING SOON**

Family and Children’s Service

    * Visit their website
    * FCS Public Policy and Civic Engagement Programs:  descriptions of the FCS programs which focus on “helping to change community conditions and address disparities, engaging community members to join together, develop leadership skills, and increase civic involvement.”
    * Diagram Distinguishing Public Policy and Community Issues: this diagram offers an illustration of how an issue or idea might make it’s way toward become a public policy issue for the organization.
    * FCS Stakeholder Survey:  this is the full version of the questionnaire referenced on p. 64 which Family & Children’s Service collects annually from its partners to gauge stakeholder perceptions of the effectiveness of their agency in addressing various community issues
    * Addressing Cultural Conflicts in Multicultural Coalitions:  this document offers a summary of the various approaches to addressing multicultural conflict that FCS has utilized through their work in multicultural coalitions. 

Moving Forward Gulf Coast
Visit their website
Recover and Restore: clips from the organization’s video advocacy series.
Dotmocracy: an example of a decision making exercise tool used in Project South BAM sessions and adapted by Moving Forward. 

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