Meet BMP’s Newest Team Members: Maham, LaShayla, and Héctor


Our team at the Building Movement Project continues to grow and deepen, we want to introduce you to our newest staff members! Read on to get to know Maham, LaShayla, and Héctor.

Meet Maham (she/her) – Maham is the Research Assistant at BMP. Along with the Research team, Maham will support the data analysis of the Race To Lead survey responses.

Meet LaShayla (they/them) – LaShayla is the Data and Research Intern. Along with the Research Team, LaShayla will support the Race To Lead survey. Their role centers data analysis, cleaning and meaning making.

Meet Héctor (he/him/el) – Héctor is the Senior Manager of Partnerships at BMP. Héctor will expand BMP’s partnerships and support local organizing groups as well as support the movement building team in deepening partnerships, and find ways for organizing groups to connect with service delivery. 

What drew you to BMP?

Maham: BMPs commitment to racial and social justice within the nonprofit sector aligns with my research interests and passion. The organization is dedicated to addressing the racial leadership gap and building leadership for social change, which resonates with my former work in the nonprofit sector. BMPs demonstrated understanding of the challenges underrepresented leaders face and the tools they need is a step towards achieving social change in the sector.

LaShayla: My education is centering racial injustice within housing and I felt that this position aligned with my core values and my overall goals. I appreciate the commitment that BMP has made to doing work to see organizational change and the restructuring of old institutional patterns through racial and social justice work.

Héctor: The work that BMP does at the many intersections of the non-profit sector is what pulled me in; from how direct service organizations work internally & externally, to the supporting of grassroots community groups leading the work on the ground, and even folding in philanthropy and leadership development, BMP really understands the value of seeing how each of these different pieces interact and engage with each other through a racial equity and social change lens.

Thinking about the next six months in your role, what are you looking forward to the most?

Maham: I am most looking forward to supporting the work on the Race to Lead survey. I am very excited about digging into the data and growing in my role as a research associate.

LaShayla: I look forward to working more with the research team on the Race to Lead initiative and I’m excited to see what narrative will come about from this survey.

Héctor: Coming from a direct service background, I am thrilled to be supporting in the final stages of a framework that aspires to help direct service organizations take steps to become more involved in social change work that is led by their staff and the people they serve in their communities.

With no advance prep, what could you lead a 20-minute presentation or discussion about?

Maham: Ok, I’ve been watching a lot of Jordan Peele lately so I could definitely lead a 20 minute discussion on Nope by Jordan Peele.

LaShayla: I could lead a presentation on why I think Moonlight is the best movie of our generation.

Héctor: Spaghetti Westerns. So much to say about them from the music, to their political history, and even how they got their distinctively Italian name.

What brings you joy?

Maham: My wonderful friends and family, my sweet cats (Toast & Poe), bubble tea, and amazing food.

LaShayla: All of my friends, my community, and my mom who keep me supported and loved through my life journey. I am very grateful to be experiencing this type of care every day. Also, going back home to Louisiana and being with family, eating good food and listening to good music

Héctor: Cooking Mexican food for my partner, family, and friends. Preferably outdoors and over a grill. 

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