Making it Real with 5% Shifts


A few weeks ago, Building Movement Project released our newest report, “Advancing Community Level Impact”.  The report was the fourth in our series on how service providers can make small “5% Shifts” that can lead to big impacts in the communities they serve.  The response to this series has been great.  We’ve heard from folks across the country who have downloaded these reports and found them useful for navigating their own organizations’ shifts to integrate more social change principles into their social service practices.  To dig a little deeper into the topic, Frances Kunreuther and Sean Thomas-Breitfeld will be leading a webinar next week entitled “Service to Social Change: Make it Real with 5% Shifts”, presented by Grassroots Grantmakers.

Frances and Sean will focus on the idea that service providers have more reach into low-income communities than any other institution (except the government, when it’s not shutdown). Yet many service organizations barely tap the enormous potential of their clients and staff to be a force for positive change in communities. From small volunteer programs to large agencies, all service organizations can build the voice and power of their constituents and clients, and integrate social change values into their everyday work.

The webinar will draw on our series of “5% Shifts” reports to explore different models of social change activities adopted by service organizations, supports groups need to pivot and overcome common obstacles, and case examples of implementing these changes. Melinda Lewis, a longtime partner of our work in this area, will be a featured guest on the presentation.  Melinda is the Policy Director for the Assets and Education Initiative and has more than a decade of policy analysis, applied research, and advocacy experience.  Through her independent consulting practice she focuses on advocacy capacity-building for social service organizations, advocacy evaluation, and strategies to integrate advocacy into direct services. In this capacity, Melinda served as a consultant to reStart, Inc in Kansas City – one of the organizations profiled in Asking Powerful Questions, the third report in this series – as they shifted how they engaged volunteers as partners in their program for homeless people and advocacy to end homelessness. 

To register for this webinar on October 22 at 3 pm EST, head to Grassroots Grantmaker’s registration page.

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