How Can We Prepare Ourselves Beyond the 2020 Election?


Written by Catherine Foley (Communications and Operations Associate)

Updated 11/5/20: The IG Live with Deepa Iyer has been moved to Tuesday, November 10th at 6pm ET.

The days and weeks ahead will likely be unsettling and challenging for many, and we here at BMP hope that you are caring for yourself, your loved ones, and your communities. With that in mind, we wanted to share a few resources to prepare beyond the 2020 election.

Inspiring Words from Movement Leaders

We spoke with five movement leaders and social change activists as part of our Fall 2020 Solidarity Semester. Check out their insights and recommendations about how we can prepare ourselves and our communities in the video below. You can also watch the full conversations on our IGTV here.

Video created by Kitty Hu (IG: @kittyxhu), 2020.

Mapping Our Social Change Roles

In addition to thinking about community needs, we’re also evaluating our social change roles in the moment and aligning our values and actions around the election. Deepa Iyer, BMP’s Director of Movement Building and the creator of The Social Change Ecosystem Map, has created a new worksheet specifically for the 2020 elections. This worksheet can be used alongside the original guide, but is intended to help identify your values, your role(s), helpful sustainability practices, and next steps to support your communities. Download the Elections 2020 worksheet here.

We know that this week will be heavy and difficult, and that many folks will be looking for ways to ground themselves, heal, and chart a path forward. We invite you to join us *Tuesday, November 10th at 6pm Eastern on Instagram Live (@buildingmovementproject). We will be holding this virtual space to talk about the social change ecosystem map, our roles, and how we can continue to support our communities and movements in this moment and beyond.

Supporting Nonprofits Led by People of Color

Finally, we know that regardless of the outcome, the nonprofit sector, philanthropy, and society as a whole will still have a lot of work to do. Earlier this year we surveyed over 400 nonprofit leaders of color and heard about the many needs that they anticipate for their communities in the months ahead, and we know that these needs will continue to exist well beyond November 3rd. Learn more about the work of POC-led nonprofits and how you can support them in our new report, On The Frontlines.

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