Featured Tool: Root Cause Analysis


One essential shift that organizations make as they embrace a social change perspective is to begin examining the underlying systemic and structural issues that are really behind the reasons that clients come to organizations for help and support. Our Root Cause Analysis Tool is designed to spark discussion and reflection about making visible the often invisible sources of the problems we face every day.

This tool is also featured in our report, Asking Powerful Questions, which focuses on how tapping into the power of questions to generate new possibilities and ignite change can be an important tool for service providers working to help people and communities. Asking “why?” is a great way to begin identifying the root causes of the problems staff and clients face in their daily lives. However, identifying the sources of some our nation’s deepest inequities can be difficult. In this case, the Root Cause Analysis Tool can help you explore these in a deeper or ongoing way.

To access this tool, head over to our Service and Social Change Tools portal, or use the direct link to this tool, here.

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