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The Race To Lead Survey is back for 2022. Please click here to complete the survey

The Building Movement Project conducted our first national survey on race and leadership in nonprofits back in 2016. More than 4,000 nonprofit workers filled out the first survey, and when we sent the second survey three years later, it was completed by more than 5,000 respondents. Three years after the 2019 survey, we are releasing our Race to Lead 2022 survey to learn more about your experiences as a nonprofit leader and/or employee. We’re hoping for even larger response rate! 

It would be an understatement to say that a lot has happened since we last surveyed the nonprofit sector in the summer of 2019. 

This year’s Race To Lead survey offers the opportunity to understand how the many changes of the past few years are impacting all nonprofit workers, leaders and organizations. The 2022 Survey explores some new topics – like the experiences of frontline workers and changing expectations of nonprofit workplaces – while continuing to gather important information on the intersection of race, leadership and nonprofit culture that we can compare to 2019 and 2016.

When you take the 2022 Race To Lead Survey, you contribute to the largest dataset on race and leadership in the nonprofit sector. BMP relies on the data from the Race To Lead Survey for our series of reports that examine issues of race and leadership in the nonprofit sector from a variety of vantage points. 

The confidential survey is open to anyone working for pay in the U.S. nonprofit sector and takes around 30 to 45 minutes to fill out. Just go to bit.ly/RaceToLeadSurvey today!

If you also want to support the survey effort, here’s what you can do:

  1. Take the survey. Click on bit.ly/RaceToLeadSurvey and complete the confidential, 30- to 45-minute survey today.
  2. Let people know you took the survey. Here are some ideas to get you started:
    • Twitter: Just filled out the #RacetoLeadSurvey from @BldingMovement. Don’t miss this chance to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD TOO! Share what it’s been like to work in the #nonprofit sector since COVID-19. bit.ly/RaceToLeadSurvey
    • Facebook: The last #RaceToLeadSurvey from @BuildingMovementProject resulted in the popular #RaceToLead report series (www.racetolead.org). This summer, the #RacetoLeadSurvey is BACK! Join me in contributing to one of the largest existing data sets on race and leadership in the #nonprofit sector. bit.ly/RaceToLeadSurvey
    • We’ve also created a Google Drive with visuals to include with your posts, and a packet with more ideas for sharing the survey with your network.
  3. Sign up as a distribution partner. Fill out this form to be added to the growing list of individuals and organizations helping to spread the word about the survey to their organization’s membership and newsletter lists, and followers on social media. We’ll send you a packet with language and graphics that you can use for social media, newsletters, and emails.

Interested in the history of BMP’s work on race and leadership? Check out this blog post from 2016 and review all of the Race To Lead reports at www.racetolead.org.

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