Making Social Change: Case Studies of Nonprofit Service Providers

Building Movement Project developed this set of case studies as a response to numerous requests from groups looking for real-life examples of the often-challenging process of incorporating social change models into social service work. These case studies, geared toward practitioners, board members, and funders interested in this work, are designed to complement one of our other landmark Building Movement publications: Social Service and Social Change: A Process Guide (2006).  The organizations highlighted were selected not to lay out a set of best practices for all organizations but to serve as practical illustrations of how groups decide to extend their work to promote client/community voices and the challenges posed by that decision.

The five case studies in this publication offer examples of organizations that are integrating social change activities into their work. For the full report of Making Social Change: Case Studies of Nonprofit Service Providers, complete with organizational profiles, a reflection guide and additional web resources, please click the PDF link in the sidebar.

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