The Solidarity Is This Podcast

Solidarity. It’s become a buzzword. But what does solidarity mean in reality? What are solidarity values and how do we center them? And how do we go about practicing solidarity, as activists, as organizations, as people who care deeply about building inclusive schools, campuses, workplaces and neighborhoods?

Below is a list of recent Solidarity Is This podcast episodes, where you can listen to each conversation, review the notes, and read the transcripts.

One Year Later (April 2021)
Fatima Goss Graves (National Women’s Law Center) and Kevin Kahakula’akea John Fong (Elemental Partners) talk about grief, leadership, lessons from the past year, and more. Listen and learn more...

One World and COVID-19 (June 2020)
Phumeza Lungwana and Nicola Browne explore the ways in which activists in South Africa and Northern Ireland are addressing the inequities laid bare by the pandemic. Listen and learn more...

In The Time of an Epidemic (March 2020)
Community healer, Kevin Kahakula’akea John Fong, shares what we can learn from the pandemic and how we respond with compassion and solidarity. Listen and learn more...

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