Working Towards the Common Good 2014: Findings from the New Mexico Nonprofit Survey

In New Mexico, nonprofit organizations have long played an integral role in ensuring the well-being of the state by caring for its people, environment, and natural assets. Recognizing the important role of nonprofits in New Mexico, The Building Movement Project (BMP) and several nonprofit organizations in the state—such as Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless, Inc.EncuentroCenter for Nonprofit ExcellenceNew Mexico Voices for ChildrenSouthWest Organizing Project, and others—worked together to develop the 2014 New Mexico Nonprofit Survey. The goal of the survey was to learn more about the key issues that organizations are working on, the opportunities and challenges they face, and how they can continue to work together to advance the common good. The survey expanded on a similar effort the year before that focused on direct service providers, findings from which were shared in Meeting Need, Making Change: 2013 Survey of Nonprofit Service Providers in New Mexico. From October to December 2014, a total of 232 nonprofit organizations throughout the state completed the survey.

In Working Towards the Common Good: Findings from the 2014 New Mexico Nonprofit Survey, we share findings from the survey. This report consists of six main sections:

  • Serving New Mexico provides an overview of the diverse nonprofits that took part in the survey;
  • Facing Challenges shares key challenges identified by nonprofits;
  • Working Together discusses how nonprofits collaborate in coalitions;
  • Advancing Broader Change examines how nonprofits engage in advocacy;
  • Making Connections explores the emerging network of New Mexico nonprofits; and
  • Growing Stronger recommends supports that could help nonprofits to strengthen and thrive.
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