Webinar Recap: Social Change Now Book Release


Quick Access: Recording, Transcript

On November 16th, 2022, the Building Movement Project hosted a book release for our Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives, Deepa Iyer’s book Social Change Now: A Guide to Reflection and Connection

Frances Kunreuther, BMP’s Co-Executive Director, moderated a conversation with Deepa and alicia sanchez gill, Executive Director of the Emergent Fund, on how this book came to be and how to apply its framework to social change as individuals, organizations, and networks.  

During the 60-minute webinar, the speakers discuss how we, as people and organizations, can be effective when constantly responding to crisis, how we can encourage solidarity and reciprocity, and how this framework can be used with students and educators, in the nonprofit sector, in philanthropy, and more

Pre-Order Social Change Now: https://www.socialchangemap.com/get-your-guide 

Watch the recording HERE.

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