Part II: One for the Money, Two for the Show…

…Three for Effective Nonprofits, Way to Go! Written by Noelia Mann Last week, I wrote a blog post questioning some of the conclusions that were presented in the Stanford Social Innovation Review series of articles focused on increasing voter turnout. My central critique of these works is the lack of focus on (or even acknowledgement of) the 16 new restrictions, aimed at […]

One for the Money, Two for the Show

Why SSIR Analysis of Low Voter Turnout Just Doesn’t Cut It Written by Noelia Mann With election season in full swing, things are getting pretty hairy: metaphorical (and not so metaphorical) punches have been thrown, a projected $10 billion will be spent and the circus has comfortably settled down in town. But are the players going “full out” for a meager […]

Webinar: Nonprofits Increase Voter Participation–New Research from the Field

Learn about exciting new evidence documenting the impact nonprofits have when they talk to their clients and constituents about voting. Professor Kelly LeRoux will discuss a new study that tracked the outcomes of nonprofit service providers that contacted their clients/constituents about voting. Conducted during the 2010 midterm election with assistance from Nonprofit VOTE and the […]

A Powerful Tool to Get Low-Income Voters to the Ballot Box

Despite our successes in broadening access to the franchise over the past 200 years, troubling disparities in participation—including a large gap based on income—remain. In a recent article for Yes! Magazine our friends at Demos, Lisa Danetz and Scott Novakowski, look at how to bring low-income citizens into the political process this fall. Their conclusion is surprisingly simple: […]

Nonprofit Voter Engagement Network

NVEN says that, “communities served by nonprofits were the highest turn-out groups at the 2008 presidential election polls.”  The organization recently released a report titled, America Goes to the Polls: A Report on Voter Turnout in the 2008 Election, which provides a great analysis of voter turnout in the states and among various constituencies.  Visit their website to […]

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