Support Native Leaders, Organizations, and Communities On and Beyond Indigenous Peoples’ Day


Written by Catherine Foley (Communications, Programs, and Operations Associate)

Next Monday, October 11th marks Indigenous Peoples’ Day, which commemorates, honors, and celebrates the history and culture of Native American peoples. Choosing to recognize next week’s federal holiday as Indigenous Peoples’ Day rather than Columbus Day is part of a cultural shift away from glorifying people and institutions that have caused harm and trauma to Native, Black, Asian, Latinx and other communities of color.

If your organization recognizes Columbus Day by that name, consider changing it to Indigenous Peoples’ Day, but don’t stop there. Below are a few resources for nonprofits commemorating Indigenous Peoples’ Day.


Understand and amplify the needs of Indigenous communities. In a webinar earlier this year, BMP spoke with four leaders of color in New Mexico. Angel Charley, the Executive Director of Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women, shared a series of calls to action for nonprofits and philanthropy:

  • Go beyond land acknowledgements when it comes to Indigenous issues.
  • Learn about tribal communities and people whose land you are on.
  • Include Indigenous community members on your board of directors.
  • Fund Native-led organizations and trust them to find solutions to the challenges they face.

Listen to the clip below and reflect on what your organization can do to center, support, and sustain Native leaders, organizations, and communities for the long-term.


Take time to learn about Indigenous histories and connections with social movements. Explore the following resources:


The Building Movement Project has connected with and learned from several Native leaders and their organizations over the years, from interviews and webinars to cohort learning experiences. Learn more about some of our partners below and consider supporting and sustaining their vital work:

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