Spotlight On: Nonprofits Talking Taxes


How many times have you heard someone at your nonprofit say, “We just have to do more with less”?  The recent financial downturn, cuts to government services and rising costs have led nonprofit organizations across the country into a state of crisis.  How do you continue to provide your much needed services when funding streams seem to have run dry?

While many assume that because of the economic times there is just less money to go around, BMP Project Team member and renowned fundraising trainer, Kim Klein, believes otherwise.  She, in partnership with BMP and CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, founded Nonprofits Talking Taxes- a workshop and training program that could help nonprofit organizations take their financial fates into their own hands.  The truth is, there is enough money to go around.  Nonprofits have to stand up and advocate for that money to go towards organizations providing much needed community services.  Nonprofits Talking Taxes helps staff members and consultants for nonprofit organizations to understand tax policy and encourages attendees to “vote with their mission”- that is, vote for policies that would ensure more funding for the social services that they most believe in, or for policies that reflect their social justice mission. 

While the NPTT program focuses mainly on California- including the particulars of CA budgets and tax policies- anyone can benefit from learning a little bit more about the effect taxes can have on the nonprofit sector.  If you are a resident of California, request a free training today! If not, Kim Klein hosts free online webinars once per month that are open to all.

Still can’t fit those into your busy schedule?  Kim recently gave the keynote address at a conference for the League of Women Voters in Marin County, CA.  Check out the video below:

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