Solidarity Stories: A Toolkit, Case Studies, and Reflection Questions for AAPI Heritage Month and Beyond


At a time of increased anti-Asian hate and ongoing violence targeting Black, indigenous and Latinx communities, solidarity is a practice that can anchor us. Over the past year, BMP and SolidarityIs have been collaborating with members of the National Asian American Leaders Table on COVID-19 Racism to produce a series of solidarity stories featuring Asian American and Pacific Islander leaders. We launched a new resource this week called Solidarity Stories along with the Asian Law Caucus, NAKASEC, and Can’t Stop! Won’t Stop! Consulting.

At, we have gathered stories about the complexity and possibility of solidarity practices in Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. You’ll find a toolkit with video clips and case studies, as well as reflection questions for your own use. Learn about how Japanese American elders intervened in the use of a former incarceration camp to hold children separated from their families during the Trump Administration. Hear about how Native Hawaiians used cultural and spiritual practices to protest the construction of a telescope on Mauna Kea. Reflect on how Indo-Caribbeans navigate being part of and apart from South Asian and Asian American communities. Discuss how Black organizers rely on Asian American solidarity in the struggle for Black liberation.

We invite everyone to utilize the Solidarity Stories to learn, reflect, and discuss. This is a resource for meetings, forums, leadership development workshops, and more. Please reach out to to collaborate with us!

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