Spaciousness and Solidarity in the Time of a Pandemic


Written by Deepa Iyer

The past few weeks have seemed like one interminable day, and perhaps you, like me, have been moving through periods of feeling disoriented, confused, outraged, and determined. The coronavirus pandemic is, many say, an equalizer because it can affect anyone regardless of status or privilege. At the same time, the virus is also a truth-teller because it is laying bare the inequities that lie at the heart of our systems, practices, and institutions, and opening a window into future possibilities that can benefit vulnerable communities (for more, read our message on COVID-19 here).

How can we make sense of this crisis and its complexities?

For direction, I turned to Kevin Kahkula’akea John Fong, a facilitator, community healer, and advocate. On the latest episode of the Solidarity Is This podcast, Kevin and I had a conversation based on his essay, Love in the Time of Corona. We spoke about the lessons that Kevin learned during another epidemic, the HIV/AIDS crisis and the ways in which people can practice individual and community care and solidarity. Kevin also provided calls to action for those who are able to re-imagine in this moment: What are your kuleana (gifts)? How can you be in pono (right relationship) with them and step into your power?

Listen to this episode of Solidarity Is This on Apple Podcasts or in the player above.

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