New Survey to Assess the Impact of Current Political Climate on Nonprofits


Nonprofits around the country are confronting a myriad of challenges and restrictions in the current political climate. Since the US Supreme Court rejected the use of affirmative action in higher education, its ripple effects have spread across various sectors. For example, diversity/equity (DEI) programs are being threatened, sued, and restricted in workplaces and in the context of contracts and funds provided by government agencies. Simultaneously, communities around the country are facing restrictions related to reproductive choices, LGBTQIA+ rights, and immigration. And, some funders are pulling back on vital resources for racial justice programs.

To understand how nonprofits are experiencing and responding to these challenges, BMP is distributing a new survey intended to gather compelling and informative data from organizations. The results of the survey will help BMP generate valuable insights and recommendations for the nonprofit sector and funders. 

How can you engage?

  • Take the survey if you lead an organization that has either experienced (or may experience) restrictions, threats, attacks, and challenges in the context of programs, activities, partnerships, and funding. Please note that only one response should be submitted per organization.
  • Pass on the link to the survey to five trusted partners.
  • Share the survey link via your networks, your organizational newsletter, or a coalition listserve.
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