New Report | Balancing Act: Asian American Organizations Respond to Community Crises and Build Collective Power


Over the past three years, Asian American organizations have been engaging in a precarious balancing act: responding to community crises in the form of targeted violence while simultaneously building solidarity and power. Based on a series of interviews with Asian American leaders on the frontlines of addressing targeted violence over the past three years, Building Movement Project and Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus are releasing a new report, Balancing Act: Asian American Organizations Respond to Community Crises and Build Collective Power (March 2023), that provides recommendations, ideas, and resources for organizations responding to community crises while building long-term infrastructure.



Balancing Act shows that Asian American organizations are creating, engaging in, advocating for, and restructuring crisis response mechanisms while simultaneously addressing systemic inequities, building community power, and practicing solidarity. In order for Asian American groups and nonprofit leaders to build sustainable and durable organizations, they require abundant and tailored resources, partnerships, and investments in both the short and long term. This report is part of BMP’s Movement Infrastructure series of reports (read about grassroots groups here and recommendations for funders here)

Recommendations from Balancing Act include:

  1. Create a rapid response ecosystem that can be mobilized in times of crisis. Read Rapid Response in Real Time, a guide for any organization involved in or thinking about engaging in rapid response.
  2. Support staff and volunteers during and after times of crisis
  3. Create space for co-learning and strategy sessions with community members and partners to identify strategies that address systemic harms and inequities.
  4. Grow internal and cross-racial solidarity through relationships and collaborations.
  5. Invest in political education and organizing efforts to strengthen community power.
  6. Build, and maintain, and fund a diverse movement ecosystem that includes newly organized groups, including those engaging in intergenerational outreach and healing justice. 

Download the full report on immediate and long-term infrastructure for Asian American groups and Rapid Response in Real Time, a resource for any organization seeking to build effective rapid response strategies here

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