Happy Tax Day!


Written by Alvin Young

In celebration of tax day, we at Building Movement Project wanted to present two informative links to understanding tax policy. First, the latest blog post by Kim Klein and a link to Nonprofits Talking Taxes, a workshop focused on lifting common good principles and understanding the role of tax policy.

In her latest commons blog post, Kim Klein deconstructs the meaning behind the phrase “your gift is tax deductible,’’ and provides a historical outline of charitable deduction alongside the implementation of income tax policy. Her insight allows us to understand that charitable donations should not overshadow paying taxes. Instead, each individual should contribute to the society they live in and pay their fair share.

Nonprofits Talking Taxes provides nonprofit leaders with an easy to use toolkit that will help leaders understand what taxes should be used for and how to strengthen the voices of their staff and communities they serve.

Both resources provide historical, entertaining, and practical analysis on the importance of taxes in maintaining common good principles, and help us to understand how to better serve our communities. Whether you find value through Kim Klein’s wit, or the interactive presentations created by Nonprofits Talking Taxes, we must remember that the things we value in our communities (safety, roads, parks, transportation etc.) require us all to contribute our fair share.

Happy Tax Day! #Taxpayerpride

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