Current Movement Building Organizations


There are some groups we’d like to highlight that are currently building movements in their communities.  Head to their websites for more information about what they’re doing and how they’re achieving change. 

For a more complete list of people who are doing great movement building work, head to our page on featured Movement Builders.

Project South
Based in Atlanta, Project South is a grassroots organization that cultivates community leaders to confront injustice.  Focusing on communities of color in the US South that have been historically under-served or neglected, they seek to empower community members through popular economic and political education efforts. 

Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP)
SWOP seeks to empower communities in the Southwest to realize racial and gender equality and social and economic justice.  They work primarily in low-income communities of color to help residents gain community control of land and resources in the region.  They seek to ensure that all families have the right to healthy and stable environments in which to live, work, and play.

Community Coalition (CoCo)
Community Coalition works to help transform the social and economic conditions in South LA that foster addiction, crime, violence and poverty.  They work mainly with African American and Latino residents to build a prosperous and healthy South LA with safe neighborhoods, quality schools, a strong social safety net and positive economic development.

Center for Community Change (CCC)
The Center for Community Change strengthens, connects and mobilizes grassroots groups to enhance their leadership, voice and power. They seek to build the power and capacity of low-income people, especially low-income people of color, to have a significant impact in improving their communities and the policies and institutions that affect their lives.

Movement Strategy Center (MSC)
The Movement Strategy Center is helping build the movement for social and racial justice by increasing the capacity of individuals, organizations, alliances and sectors to be more strategic, collaborative and sustainable.

The Center for Popular Democracyr (CPD)
The Center for Popular Democracy promotes equity,opportunity and a dynamic democracy in partnership with base-building organizations, local and state networks, and progressive unions across the country. 

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