BMP’s Kim Klein wins the McAdam Book Award!


At last week’s Alliance for Nonprofit Management Conference, BMP’s Kim Klein received the Terry McAdam Book Award for her recent publication Reliable Fundraising in Unreliable Times. The McAdam Book Award is awarded annually to the most inspirational and useful new book that makes a substantial contribution to nonprofit management. 

Kim Klein is a member of the Building Movement’s Project Team. She is widely regarded as one of the most important figures in the field of grassroots fundraising, both as a writer and a practitioner. Reliable Fundraising in Unreliable Times is the much anticipated follow-up to her bestselling text Fundraising for Social Change, now in its fifth edition. This new book is filled with hands-on advice for nonprofits on how to create and expand an individual donor base, time management techniques for fundraisers, how to deal with crises and scandals, and why we need to embrace generational change. Inspiring, philosophical and readily accessible, it is a must read especially for nonprofits with budgets of $2 million or less.

Praise for Reliable Fundraising in Unreliable Times

“Kim Klein has been a guru to social justice fundraisers for many years. She shows us by her efforts, and not just by her words, that it is possible to raise the money you need, no matter how marginal you feel or are considered in the larger society.”

—Rinku Sen, executive director, Applied Research Center, New York, New York; author, Stir It Up and The Accidental American

“With wisdom gleaned from over 30 years of experience, Kim Klein delivers her can-do message with wit, grace, and unabashed optimism—even in times like these. She taught us at JVP that there is still plenty of money out there; it’s just unevenly distributed. Her consistent message: people give because we ask. Poking fun at money taboos, assuring us that fundraising is not that hard, Kim reminds us that the system is held in place by money: if we don’t learn about it, we can’t change it!”

—Penny Rosenwasser, National Board, Jewish Voice for Peace, Oakland, California

“This book is an extraordinary combination of philosophy and how to, all aimed at helping nonprofits build a movement for social justice. Kim distills three decades of fundraising and organizing experience into a book that will be helpful for novice and veteran alike.”

—Lance Evoy, director, Institute for Community Development, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec

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