BMP Leaders Featured on NCRW Big Five Blog


Frances Kunreuther, Director of Building Movement Project, and Project Team Member, Helen Kim, recently contributed to the annual Women’s Leadership Symposium in New York City.  Their contribution to the event as keynote speakers on leadership development has been documented by co-presenter, Kyla Bender-Baird, Research and Programs Coordinator for the National Council for Research on Women, on the organization’s Big Five blog. According to Kyla, “What Frances and Helen found in their research was that the way we frame the issue of generational leadership defines the ultimate solution.  And, Helen encouraged us to think about leadership differently, to realize the impact of social location on leadership development, and to lift up the importance of sustainability, grounding, and spirituality in our all of our work.”

Read the entire blog entry, “Opportunities to Lead: Building the Power of Young Women and Trans Leaders of Color.”

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