A New Year


Written by Frances Kunreuther

One thing that I learned in 2013 was how to blog! Okay, I know I am late to the field, but it is still shocking how much I like this medium. It makes me wonder what I will learn and do in 2014. We are excited about our work in New Mexico growing and deepening, and the parallel support we offer Building Movement Detroit where such a strong group of organizational and neighborhood leaders are working together for deep social change. We will be publishing more about the next steps for long-term nonprofit leaders. And we are learning more about what makes cross-issue alliances successful.

All of this work is to push, support, encourage, and learn more about how we make lasting and deep progressive social change – what are the levers, can they be replicated, what leadership do we need, and how can our organizations support them.  So I look forward to the New Year where we will explore:

  • The small shifts that have big impact – building on our 5% Shifts series and exploring how service organizations can build the voice and power of the people they work with and serve.
  • Organizational forms, structures, and processes that enhance movement building
  • Cross-generational leadership for social change
  • Elements of movement building and the role organizations play

We do this work with your support. Please consider – especially in the next two days – donating to the Building Movement Project. There is still much to do.

Happy New Years to all of you!!

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