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Funding Needed for Black Organizing

Around the country funders are coming together to support community organizing in black communities. Earlier this month, I moderated a panel discussion at the North Star Fund’s “Let Us Breathe” forum, which served “as a call to community members, donors, grantmakers, activists, organizers, and all... more


Despite racial and economic progress in the Unites States, black communities continue to endure disproportionate levels of inequality and injustice. The status of black workers and their ability to address the socio-economic issues faced in their communities reveals an America defaulting on its promise as the “land of opportunity.... more

Movements, Funders, and Making Change

Last week, Sean and I participated in the Grantmakers for Effective Organizations conference on supporting movements. We did an introductory session for funders on the basics of movement building, and were joined by Laura McCargar from the Perrin Family Foundation and Peter Bloch Garcia from the Marguerite Casey Foundation who... more

Scaling and Ecology

Every couple of years, new phrases suddenly permeate the air. In the nonprofit sector right now there is “scale”, “collective impact”, “network”, “movement”, “evidence-based”, “transformation” and of course ”innovation.” These terms can be deeply meaningful or... more

Big Money for Nonprofit Navigators

Despite our recent disappointment with Michigan governor Rick Snyder (you might have seen our discussions of the governor’s passage of the Emergency Manager Law against popular vote this Spring), we are happy to see that a motion to expand Medicaid benefits was passed in the legislature yesterday, partly... more

The Long and Short of It

News of a recent grant to fund an alternative bus service in Detroit raises many questions about what should take priority in a commons-based system- a long term vision or a short term solution.  Kim Klein argues that we need to recognize that while the people stepping in to provide these altnerative services are filling a need in the community, often they (and those supporting the programs) fail to realize that these alternatives are only short-term solutions to problems that need bigger fixes.


BMP Detroit Uniting Detroiters Project Wins Scholar-Activist Grant

We’re pleased to share that BMP's Uniting Detroiters team has received a Scholar-Activist Award Grant from the Antipode Foundation. They were one of five projects who were selected out of 105 applications. more

Spotlight On: Nonprofits Talking Taxes

How many times have you heard someone at your nonprofit say, "We just have to do more with less"? The recent financial downturn, cuts to government services and rising costs have led nonprofit organizations across the country into a state of crisis. How do you continue to provide your much needed services when funding streams seem to have run dry? Where do you turn? The answer, according to Project Team member and renowned fundraising trainer, Kim Klein, is taxes. She started the Nonprofits Talking Taxes program to encourage California nonprofits to become active in the debate surrounding CA budget and tax policy reform. Through monthly webinars, workshops, and free trainings, Kim educates nonprofit staffers on the particulars of taxes and how a reform in tax policy could help bring an end to the nonprofit budget crisis. Not located in California? Kim's trainings provide a base of information that's helpful to people across the country who want to become more active in the tax debate.


Updates from our Partners: Somos Mayfair

Somos Mayfair is a long-time partner of BMP on our work on Social Change for Service Providers. They've recently started a new campaign to reverse education and health inequities in their community. They've received a major foundation gift to aid them in this important work, but need more help in order to make real change happen. Check out their project update to learn more about the campaign and find out how you can help. more

New Voices Civic Engagement Fellowships

the Alliance for Children and Families and United Neighborhood Centers of America have launched the New Voices Civic Engagement Fellowship to support civic engagement leadership at the local and regional level. The fellowship is designed to further support and embolden people who are leading community change efforts. Fellowships are open to any individual (staff, volunteers, community partners, etc) who can be sponsored by an Alliance or UNCA member organization. more

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