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Working Across Generations

Defining the Future of Nonprofit Leadership

Working Across Generations offers a comprehensive look at the leadership and generational shifts in the nonprofit sector. Order your copy now!

Working Across Generations presents ideas and gives practical advice on how to approach generational changes in leadership so that the contributions of long-time leaders are valued, new and younger leaders’ talent is recognized, and groups are better prepared to work across generational divides.

This book examines the meaning of leadership transfer for individuals, their organizations, and the field; reports on how older and younger social change leaders are preparing (or not preparing) for these changes; and recommends how these transitions can take place in ways that move social sector work forward.

In addition, the book includes:
* Findings from the authors’ and others’ research
* Stories of people who have gone through generational changes in leadership
* Practical tools that can be used by readers
* Advice for leaders on how to assess warning signs of generational conflict and the organization’s readiness to talk about generational change

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