United in Anger: Discussion Guide for Activists and Organizers

“The United in Anger ACT UP documentary is a valuable teaching tool I look forward to utilizing to train youth activists in the struggles that affect them.  The fight for justice and equality that ACT UP strove for with HIV/AIDS is still relevant as ever.”
-Judith Pindell, Director, Ohio Advocates Youth Leadership Council

United in Anger: A History of ACT UP is a moving and inspiring film, and a great resource for organizers and activists of all stripes. This packet of discussion guides is designed to help groups learn from the example of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power and apply the lessons of ACT UP’s organizing tactics and campaign strategies to their own movements today. The first guide in the packet is for a single viewing of the full film, with discussion questions and an activity. The second guide splits the film into four sections, for groups of activists who want to watch and reflect on the film over the course of a month of weekly meetings. No matter which discussion guide your organization uses, this film will help your members recommit to organizing and action on the pressing issues of today.

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The film-maker is generously allowing Building Movement Project to provide the DVD to nonprofit organizations and grassroots groups for a minimal cost (to cover shipping and handling), in order to support their community-based grassroots organizing efforts. Therefore, organizations purchasing the DVD through BMP’s online order form must agree to use the DVD to accompany their use of the activist guide, and in a manner that is consistent with the film-maker’s goals of inspiring activism and organizing. Organizations may not screen the DVD as part of a public event or fundraiser.

If you are a school or university, intending to use the DVD in classrooms, go to www.unitedinanger.com/studyguide for the study guide.

If you are an individual seeking the film for personal use, public screening or as part of a film festival, please contact the film’s distributor Jeffrey Winter at the Film Collaborative via email at jeffrey@thefilmcollaborative.org.

If you work for a nonprofit organization or volunteer with an activist group, you can purchase a DVD to accompany the activist guide, for a small fee (to cover shipping and handling). Please click here to use BMP’s online order form. Be sure to select Accompanying DVD for “United in Anger” Activist Guide, and completely fill out the form.

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