The New Now Executive Summary: Working Together for Social Change

The 2015 victories related to the rights of LGBTQ people were astounding. The success on LGBTQ issues, especially marriage equality, is often attributed to a coordinated, unwavering, laser-sharp focus on changing policy at both the state and federal levels. So it is interesting that a different approach is also evolving where LGBTQ advocates and organizations are working to address multiple and overlapping issues, such as immigrant rights, worker issues, and criminalization. The move towards understanding and creating strategies that reflect an intersectional approach is increasingly seen as the new frontier of LGBTQ rights.

The New Now: Working Together for Social Change report examines how two states are building power on LGBTQ issues by integrating a larger set of concerns into their approach. As opposed to focusing only on a single issue, this method broadens the vision and tactics used for making change by examining how different issues intersect and interact.

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