Recognizing All Families to Expand Our Movements: Insights from the Family Justice Network

This report explores the success of family recognition organizing campaigns in Georgia and New Mexico that were funded and stewarded by Family Justice Network partners. In each place, recent efforts have shown how much change is possible when people are organized around the widely-shared value of family. They also demonstrate the potential to move everyday people to get involved when issues are framed to highlight the failure of public policy to reflect and protect diverse families. Each state illustrates that progress toward changing both policy and culture begins by connecting people and building movement around progressive “family values” – that is, the value of recognizing and honoring all families.

Key Insights:

  1. Organizing Around Family Helps Build Power to Win Broader Policy Change
  2. As Policy Demands Expand, So Does the Circle of Partners
  3. Successful Efforts Require Funding and Infrastructure

More About FJN’s National Partners 

  • FAMILY VALUES @ WORK is a national network of coalitions in 27 states working to win paid sick and safe days and paid family and medical leave.
  • A BETTER BALANCE uses a range of strategies— including legislative advocacy, litigation, research, public education, and technical assistance to state and local coalitions—to help employees meet the conflicting demands of work and family.
  • FORWARD TOGETHER is a multi-issue women of color led organization that builds state power and multi-issue networks, and leverages its relationships with over 200 organizations across the country, through their Strong Families network.
  • 9TO5 is a national membership organization that organizes for public policies that empower working women.
  • THE EQUALITY FEDERATION is an advocacy and capacity building organization serving and supporting state-based LGBTQ advocacy organizations in the United States
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