Builders, Explained

Join @deepaviyer for our third IG live in the year-long series, 10 Social Change Roles, Explained. This month we’ll be exploring the strengths, areas for growth, and reflection questions for BUILDERS! Join us on IG live on Tuesday, April 27th at 4:30pm ET to learn more. Turn on Instagram notifications so you know when we’re going […]

Guides, Explained

Join @deepaviyer for the second IG live in our year-long series, 10 Social Change Roles, Explained. This month, we’re catching up with BMP Co-Director Frances Kunreuther and Solidarity Semester alum @pebblz8 to talk about GUIDES! What are best practices for guides? How can you move into a guiding role? Join us on IG live on Tuesday, March […]

Chicago Theological Seminary — Wednesday Reflections with Deepa Iyer

Join us in conversation with Deepa Iyer from the Building Movement Project as we explore our roles in advancing social change. We will learn about and apply a framework to better understand how we can show up for social change and how to strengthen the ecosystems that support us. Deepa is a writer, strategist, and […]

Disrupters, Explained

We’re kicking off a new series: 10 Social Change Roles, Explained! Over the next several months, we’ll be diving into the social change ecosystem with @deepaviyer to further explore strengths, growth areas, examples and reflection questions for each role — starting off with disrupters! Do you consider yourself a disrupter? Is that a role you want to […]

Between Resistance and Rebuilding

Written by Deepa Iyer (Director of Strategic Initiatives) Four years ago this month, I was facilitating strategy conversations about the Muslim ban, an executive order issued by the Trump Administration that led to family members separated from each other, massive protests at airports, and a slew of lawsuits. I wasn’t alone. Across movements and communities, […]

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