One Year Later: New on the Solidarity Is This Podcast


After more than a year of living in a global pandemic, we are in a time of reflection and transition. How do we make meaning out of what we have endured, individually and collectively? How do organizations and movements rebuild systems and institutions? What does solidarity mean during this time?

In the April 2021 episode of Solidarity Is Thishost Deepa Iyer explores these questions and more with Fatima Goss Graves (National Women’s Law Center) and Kevin Kahakula’akea John Fong (Elemental Partners). Listen for the following themes:

  • Kevin explores the expression of grief in the midst of the pandemic. How are you navigating the ebbs and flows of personal grief and loss in this moment? Read Kevin’s essay, “Grief in the Time of Corona” via Medium. A book that has helped me understand grief better is The Wild Edge of Sorrow (Francis Weller).
  • Fatima discusses the many ways in which women of color executive directors have had to pivot during the multiple rolling crises of the past year. How can you support people of color who are leading movements and organizations? If you are leading in this moment, what do you need to sustain yourself? Check out BMP’s latest report On The Frontlines: Nonprofits Led by People of Color Confront COVID-19 and Systemic Racism to learn more about how 2020’s social upheavals are affecting people of color-led (POC) nonprofit organizations.
  • Fatima shares the effects of the pandemic on women in particular from an economic standpoint. To learn more, explore NWLC’s concise report on “A Year of Strength & Loss: The Pandemic, the Economy, and the Value of Women’s Work.” 
  • Kevin talks about rebuilding by learning lessons from the past and by centering the needs and solutions of people most affected by inequity. Read Deepa’s article, “Between Resistance and Rebuilding,” on the Building Movement Project (BMP) blog.

Check out the full episode notes and transcript here.

This episode of Solidarity Is This is dedicated to Allison Brown – a visionary and bridge builder, and now, an ancestor guiding the path towards justice and liberation. Allison’s writing can be found here.

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