BMP Study Featured in Chronicle of Philanthropy Article


Our upcoming study on younger nonprofit executive directors was featured in a Chronicle of Philanthropy piece about what it takes to be at the helm of an organization.  The report, written by Helen Kim and Frances Kunreuther, is based on interviews with 17 young executive directors about how they view their roles and what supports and skills helped them as they rose to the top of (or were brought in to lead) their organizations. 

In the Chronicle piece, “New Executive Directors Need a Great Vision and People Skills”, reporters sought out young executive directors to talk about their experiences and find out what skills they thought were needed most for the job. Director of Research and Documentation, Caroline McAndrews, offers glimpses into the results of our study (which will be released later this month) and gives context to the profiles of the young executive directors that are featured in the story.

Caroline will also be featured in a Chronicle Live Discussion on “What it Takes to be an Executive Director” Tuesday, Nov. 6th at12pm EST.  Head to our events page for more info. 

Photo credit: Joseph Smooke, from the Chronicle of Philanthropy

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