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The Trumpification of the Gen Z Workforce

Generation Z, considered the most diverse generation and the last to be majority white, is already beginning to transform the American workforce. Pew Research defines Generation Z as individuals born after 1996 who have never experienced lack of access to technology. For the nonprofit sector, this generation is an opportunity... more

Organizations and Leadership

Recently, we have been getting a lot of requests to talk about two of our reports that came out a few years ago, Structuring Leadership: Alternative Models for Distributing Power and Decision  and What Works: Developing Successful Multigenerational Leadership. Both reports focus on the way organizations operate and the... more

The Next Stage: Leaving Long-Term Leadership

This Report from the Field, written by Frances Kunreuther and Tim Wolfred, presents how some long-term leaders in the large Baby Boom cohort – both those who have exited and those who are planning their departures – describe the process of leaving and figuring out what is next. The findings – based on two in-depth focus groups – draws from the research and experience of its authors who have been collecting information through the lens of succession planning and from surveys/interviews on defining this new stage of life and work.


BMP Welcomes New Project Team Members!

The Building Movement Project is excited to announce the addition of two new members to our Project Team! Dushaw Hockett and Andrea Plaza will begin their tenures on the team this month, though they have already been contributing to Building Movement Project work. Most recently, Andrea has been one of the leaders on a project in New Mexico exploring how service providers and community organizing groups can collaborate for social change. Dushaw has been working with fellow Team member Linda Campbell in Detroit on how to strengthen organizing and leadership.establishing a vibrant black/brown alliance across communities and strengthening leadership in the city.


Sean Thomas-Breitfeld Joins BMP as Co-Director

The Building Movement Project is happy to announce that Sean Thomas-Breitfeld will join the staff as Co-Director starting February 1, 2013. Sean, along with the current director Frances Kunreuther, will be charting the direction for the Project as it continues its work strengthening the role of US nonprofits to advance progressive social change. “I am thrilled that Sean is coming onto the staff to partner with me in running Building Movement,” remarked Frances, “He will be a wonderful contributor bringing new skills and a fresh look at the work ahead.”


From Our Partners: RCLA’s Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Public Service

Our friends at NYU Wagner's Research Center for Leadership in Action is now accepting applications for its Emerging Leaders in Public Service Fellowship. The 2012 fellowship begins in November 2011 and ends in May 2012. Applications are due by August 29th. more

Millennials in the Workplace: BMP Guest Blog at Social Citizens

In the lead up to the Millennial Donor Summit, hosted by the Case Foundation on Junee 22nd, Director of Leadership & Communications, Caroline McAndrews was asked to guest blog over at Social Citizens. Read her post about the evolution of the multigenerational workplace. more

Building Movement Project featured in Nonprofit World

This month’s issue of Nonprofit World features both an article written by Building Movement Project Director, Frances Kunreuther, and another profiling BMP’s Director of Civic Engagement, Trish Tchume. Check out Are You Prepared for the Multigenerational Workplace? and Who Are Young Leaders?. more

Team Member Robby Rodriguez discusses Bridging Generation Gaps at Nonprofits

Read the transcript from this recent live web discussion hosted by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, which looks at the causes of generation gaps among nonprofit workers and practical strategies for closing the divide. more

BMP Featured in ACOSA’s Fall Newsletter

Bob Feikema – Director of Community Initiatives at Family Resources in Pittsburgh, and participant in the Building Movement Project’s Social Service and Social Change convening this past June – shares his reflections on the convening and the role of service providers in social change work in the latest newsletter of the Association for Community Organization and Social Administration (ACOSA). more

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